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How did Yincolines become...

Chicagoland's Water Slide Authority

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Yincolines Bouncies was founded in 2010 by Eva Yin. Although Eva didn't see the full potential of the business that she had just founded, she figured that if she could rent an inflatable bounce house every now and then, she would be able to provide for her three young kids.

The first inflatable owned by Yincolines, was the Monkey Island, which is still in service, as one of the most popular inflatable. The Monkey Island was a prototype that never went into production, so Yincolines is the proud owner of this one-of-a-kind bounce house.

After some years of hard work and determination, Eva became a very savvy business owner, and she began putting a team together to assist with various activities that supported Yincolines' mission. The company now has a full marketing department, customer support team, installation crews, and cleaning teams that make things happening behind the scenes.

Thanks to the hard work of every staff member, Yincolines has slowly been expanding services onto the City of Chicago, in which the company has been a favorite in every single event. 

Yincolines' number one goal is to create memorable experiences that are no less than excellent. We are very committed to great quality service, and our stelar reviews demonstrate that we are living up to our commitment.


We have some of the coolest and newest slides in the Chicagoland area, all of which are custom ordered to be show stoppers.

We currently serve Lake, Cook, McHenry, Kane, Kenosha, and Racine Counties. Our area of operation continuously expands, as our goal is to make our products available to as many customers as possible

Thank you for the opportunity to look into our services for your next event.

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